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Karaoke CDs, Karaoke Machines:

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Karaoke is easy. It only takes a microphone, a karaoke recording, and a karaoke machine to blend your voice with music and show you lyrics. Young or old, beginning or advanced, amateur or professional: your reward is a truly original musical experience.

Emerson home karaoke machines can be connected to your audio system and TV or used as stand-alone, portable All-In-One karaoke machines.

  • $30-$200: Emerson karaoke machines: GF829, SD516, GQ367, Plug 'N' Sing DVD Mic


MP4/DVD/CDG ^MP3/MP4 ^^^^^^^ CDG ^^^^^^^ DVD^^^

  • The new GF829 (first above) plays DVDs, CDGs, and MP4s. (An MP4 is an MP3 with lyrics display.) It is THE 2012 TOP karaoke machine for families on Amazon. This popular karaoke machine is so popular it is usually only available in stores during the holidays (our dealer does not reserve supplies for online vendors if brick-and-mortar stores buy up the stock). Outstanding features of the GF829:
    • key/pitch control to match vocal range or sheet music key, and
    • recording capability.
  • The SD513 plays MP3s-MP4s. It offers:
    • download flexibility, and
    • space-conserving song selection on SD Card.
    • Here is a VIDEO and review of the SD512A (no longer in production) which demonstrates some of the capabilities of the SD513, which plays SD cards, or MP3-MP4 downloads.
  • The GQ365 plays CDGs. Karaoke machines without a monitor, like the GQ365 (second pictured above), use a TV for lyrics and therefore are more affordable.
  • The Plug 'N' Sing DVD microphone plays DVDs. It will not display lyrics with CDGs, but will mix audio with your voice when you play a CDG in your DVD player. Because it uses a monitor and player you own (your TV and DVD player, or PS2, PS3, or XBox), it is very affordable. Be sure to refresh the battery if the sound fades. The public domain songs built into the DVD microphone are good songs for children and families to share. Use an amplifier to boost the volume of the 5-watt microphone, and purchase DVDs for more contemporary songs.

VocoPro home and club karaoke machines inspire performances.

  • Vocopro All-In-Ones: PAPRO9002, Soundman, GigstarPro2; add-ons: DVX890K, MK58Pro


  • See Kelly McGrath mix vocals and guitar using the Vocopro Papro900 mixer (first above) with mic and recorder add-ons installed (McGrath is actually using a Papro 9002).

  • See the most affordable VocoPro All-In-One, the DVD-SOUNDMAN1.

  • For XLR connection sensitivity see the Papro900 (first) or GigstarPro2 (third above).
  • Add multi-format karaoke (including DivX) to your guitar/amp/speaker combo with a DVX890K player/mixer (fourth above) and a high quality dynamic microphone (MK58Pro, fifth above).

We know you want a quality karaoke experience, first and foremost, but at the most affordable price possible. That's why we offer brands like Emerson/IXT for affordability, and VocoPro for more capability. These manufacturers offer more features than other manufacturers for the price, plus 1-year warranties, and boast high customer satisfaction (low return) rates. Why buy from us? We'll reimburse shipping if you need to send for repairs (send shipping receipts); Emerson pays shipping first 30 days.

GQ755JKaraoke MachinesDVX668K$99 Divx PlayerDA1000PRO$119 Mixer

Karaoke Machine Alerts:

  • DivX: If you're ready to upgrade to an indexed, disc-free system (which will also play your CDGs), we've got DivX karaoke machines, too, with advanced features including multiplex--choose vocals or no vocals. (Search at top right on "DivX.")
    • Your home DivX system can be: (1) a DivX player, (2) a mixer (to mix vocals with the music), and (3) a microphone, to connect to your (4) existing TV or audio (amplifier and speakers) system.
    • Tip: You will love the sensitivity of the MarkCV1 condensor microphone.
    • Most vocal microphones are of the dynamic (not the condensor) type, which is more durable and less sensitive to moisture. You'll want that second microphone.
  • MP4: Emerson MP3-MP4 lyric karaoke machines are back! (See our All-In-One category for SD Card players.)

Please note that while VocoPro products are consistently available, Emerson products tend to go out of stock. If you wish to be notified when a product will be back in stock, please contact us by email:

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Which karaoke machine system shall I choose?

Consider the following:

  • Affordability: For families with children, consider whether a DVD player and TV are available. If so, turn these into a karaoke machine with one of Emerson's durable Plug 'N' Sing DVD microphones. You'll have a karaoke machine system which costs about the same as a dinner out.
  • Karaoke Machine User: Consider age, experience, seriousness, media preferences, need for special features, financial parameters.
  • Karaoke Machine Media: Consider whether DVD, CDG, CDGM, CD, MP3, MP4, or DivX media (see More Information sidebox) contains lead vocals or no lead vocals, or matches an existing media collection and preferred music genre. (Tip: For classical music, consider CDs with sheet music and a TASCAM phrase trainer as an easy to use karaoke machine for voice or instruments; the sheet music substitutes for a lyrics display and provides music notation to follow.)
  • Karaoke Machine Acoustic Setting: Consider where the karaoke machine will be used: TV room, bedroom, neighbor's home, larger activity room, studio/living room, out-of-doors, noisy restaurant, and also whether the karaoke machine will be used with existing stereo, home theater, or other amplifier.

Karaoke CDs and Media Alerts:

  • Forever Hits CDGs, CDGMs, and DVDs, have been discontinued.
    • Although the DVDs are no longer available, some CDGs are still available as listed by Have you bought your Christmas songs yet?
    • For your CDG karaoke machine, have you tried the children's CDG multiplex discs (CDGM) which have vocal and non-vocal (instead of melody and non-melody) tracks?
  • DivX: For those converting to the "juke box" (indexed menus, no discs to store), we have DivX libraries from VocoPro! See our links (top right) to a CDG to DivX conversion Cheat Sheet or DVD to DivX software. DivX karaoke software is multiplex (vocals instead of melody).
  • Allstar CDG + PC: These discs are not available to our supplier as of 12/20/11 due to licensing issues. We hope to be able to list them soon. Your Personal Computer might play karaoke if your CD player has a CDG driver (which can be downloaded). All you need is a computer microphone (3.5mm [1/8"] connector or adapter) and a speaker.
  • These discs are not available to our supplier as of 12/20/11 due to licensing issues. We hope to be able to re-list them soon. Pop Hits Monthly releases the most popular songs each month in the Pop, Country, and Urban categories, for about $1/song. These are CDGM (multiplex) recordings, meaning a disc will have 2 tracks for each song, one with vocals (not just a melody) and one without. To see the list of songs each month, sign up for our newsletter on the Login or My Account page.

For unlimited karaoke machine music choices, use sheet music with CDs.

With sheet music there is no need for a karaoke machine lyrics display, plus you will hone music sight-reading skills. Sheet music for a karaoke machine includes play-along (minus-one) CDs, found at our sister site, CDs will play on a CD, CDG, or DVD karaoke machine or player. Consider a TASCAM trainer from as a convenient substitute for a larger karaoke machine. Turn down the vocal or instrumental part on any CD with the trainer, while you play or sing along, just as you would sing along with a karaoke machine.

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